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    比彻姆大宅 Beecham House (2019)

    最近更新: 2023-03-19 第06集


    • a drama so lacking in drama
    • 布景和色调太棒了
    • 卡司都很养眼,但是演技不行
    • 老套别扭的剧情,华美虚假的外壳,充满了东方主义色彩和为殖民主义洗白,如果说这是英国眼中的印度倒还可以理解,但尴尬的是导演是肯尼亚出生移民英国的印度裔,整个剧简直是殖民地长大的被殖民者向宗主国的谄媚,是一个即不深刻了解母国又不想扎根出身地只想融入宗主国主流价值的“高级印度人”眼中的印度。那种别扭非常类似于美籍新马华人的《摘金奇缘》《彼岸之嫁》等等老华人后代abc面对祖先文化和欧美冲突时表现出的卑微证明自己的两不靠状态。
    • 看完 E 6
    • 英版印度狗血宫斗剧。
    • 故事比较简单,异域风情,有挖坑,不知道会不会有第二季
    • 为啥这样结束了还要出第二季?Morse,你的妹子和印度白人大老爷走了啊,你为啥不珍惜她!
    • 谈不上好不好,短评里有个说的已经特别好了。 这片子仿佛是360夸耀自己闺女的美然后决心将自己闺女献给殖民老爷还隐隐感到骄傲自得的感觉。 全片智慧担当就是弟弟啊,除了花花公子其他弟弟都是最靠谱最有责任感的一个。
    • 本质是个狗血剧,风景和道具不错。
    • 剧情真挺弱的,但是演员们颜值真不错,英国人镜头下的印度居然挺异域风情
    • 音樂好像有點儿熟、有點儿安慰⋯⋯
    • 故事一般般,看点在于印度的异域风情,但我直接看印度片不就行了?
    • 古典英伦+异域印度,好看!
    • August的姨妈超正的啊。男主表达yes的时候轻微晃了晃头,好评。
    • 剧情一般般,常规套路,但是印度风情太美,而且英伦视角的印度风情里还有一丢丢唐顿style
    • 7分
    • 阿三的故事!
    • 全部给风景
    • 1795年,印度德里,法国军人和英国东印度公司都想在印度做贸易,显然开始的时候是法国人占优势。男主角的设定很戏剧化,前东印度公司雇员却脱离了公司单还有一个浪荡子弟弟在公司弄得风生水起/鸡犬不宁,拥有一栋豪宅成了德里的老爷却带着一个小孩子和混血女妾(?)住在豪宅,紧接着却认识了一个在印度的英国女教师,然后是他的母亲不远万里从英国带着新娘候选人来到豪宅。异域风情,好戏开演。

    Set on the cusp of the 19th century in Delhi before the British ruled in that region, the drama depicts the fortunes of the residents of Beecham House, an imposing mansion surrounded by acres of exotic woods and pristine lawns.Tom Bateman (Vanity Fair, Jekyll and Hyde) takes the role of enigmatic, soulful John Beecham, a handsome former soldier who has purchased the magnificent mansion, Beecham House, to begin a new life with his family.Wealthy and distinguished, John has witnessed profiteering and exploitation during his time with the controlling East India Company and has resolved to conduct his business as a trader in a more equitable manner. Determined to escape his previous life, John appears haunted by his past, but is inspired to become an honourable member of the region’s trading community.In spite of John’s good intentions his life is shrouded in mystery and when he arrives at the house with an ‘olive-skinned‘ child named August and two Indian nursemaids, Chanchal (Shriya Pilgaonkar) and Maya (Trupti Khamkar), it causes speculation and gossip amongst the servants that he may be the boy’s father. One of the Indian nursemaids, the beautiful Chanchal, is overly protective and particularly fond of the child. Could she be John’s lover and the mother of August?Lesley Nicol (Downton Abbey) is John’s robust, interfering mother Henrietta who has travelled from England to India to stay with her son. She is accompanied by a young family friend Violet, played by Bessie Carter (Les Miserables) who she is determined to help form a union with John.The pair are accompanied by an old friend of John’s, Samuel Parker, played by Marc Warren (Safe, Hustle) who has also left the East India Company and has returned to India for a fresh start. Samuel helps John to find his brother Daniel who he has not seen for 10 years. John convinces Daniel, Leo Suter, (Victoria) to leave the East India Company and join him at Beecham House.Gregory Fitoussi (Mr Selfridge, Spiral) plays General Castillon, a French mercenary working for the Emperor at a time when the French are challenging the East India Company for India. Castillon is suspicious of John and his motives and conspires to stop John being granted a trading licence.Adil Ray (Citizen Khan, Ackley Bridge) is John’s neighbour Murad Beg who dislikes General Castillon intensely and agrees to help John secure a trading licence. Murad’s daughter, Roshanara, (Kanika Kapur) has an English governess Margaret Osborne, played by Dakota Blue Richards (Endeavour) whose beauty and intelligence catches John’s attention. However, when beautiful Chandrika (Pallavi Sharda) arrives at Beecham House with her entourage she is shown to luxurious guest quarters and immediately insists on seeing August. What secrets does Chandrika bring with her to Beecham House?






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